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Schad Commodity is a commodity trading consultant, educator, and promoter of the former Agricultural Daily Trading Newsletter which has been in circulation since January 1997.   With the purchase of the original trading plan (Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL) you can have a commodity trading professional look over your shoulder each evening while you look over his while learning a professional method of trading the commodity futures markets with the 21-year running Agricultural Trading Newsletter.  Aren’t two heads still better than one?  Plus, the cost of the commodity trading education can be completely tax-deductible as “Professional Fees” (confer with your tax-professional).  With more than a 15-year trading record, and such an affordable “tuition” that can be tax-deductible, there is every reason to put Schad Commodity on your winning team today.

If learning how to trade the Schad Commodity method to be an independent trader is unappealing to you, then you can simply team-up up with Schad Commodity with your account and be in-and-out of the same markets & trades as you see here.  This is perhaps the easiest way to participate with the Schad Commodity trading.

All advisory trading recommendations in the leader/follower account include specific points of entry as well as predetermined protective stops.  WE ALWAYS trade with protective stops with no exceptions.  Most market recommendations also include profit objectives called “target prices” and are sometimes achieved in the same or next day.  A username and password to Schad Commodity’s advisory leader/follower account fulfillment website will also be provided for you so you can follow along at your convenience.  After 20 years of publishing, we make following the commodity futures markets easy for you!

All commodity futures markets recommended by Schad Commodity include specific recommended trading increments.  The first seven markets include: hard-red winter wheat, cotton #2, sugar #11, soymeal, corn (maize), soft-red winter wheat, and gold (mini).  The the largest portfolio trades thirteen commodity markets which include the aforementioned seven-markets, plus: feeder cattle, lean hogs, soybeans, soy oil, gold, high-grade copper, and coffee (illustrated in a below table).  Three more more suggested set of commodity futures markets are suggested in the table below.  When it is necessary to harness volatility, then options can be used to trade around the underlying futures contract.

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The contracts below are the same 14 markets used when Schad Commodity placed THIRD in the 2014 Altegris Int’l Commodity Trading Championship.

Market Increment Suggestions Recommended Markets Traded
Our best three markets, $10K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2
Our best four markets, $15K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2, soymeal
Our best five markets, $20K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2, soymeal, corn
Our best seven markets, $25K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2, soymeal, corn, soft-red winter wheat and gold (mini)
Our best nine markets, $30K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2, soymeal, corn, soft-red winter wheat, gold (mini), feeder cattle, and lean hogs
“Grains” & Sugar only, $35K suggested: soybeans, soybean oil, soymeal, corn, soft-red winter wheat, hard-red winter wheat, and sugar
Our best 11 markets, $40K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2, soymeal, corn, soft-red winter wheat, gold (mini), feeder cattle, lean hogs, soybeans, and soybean oil
All Markets, $50K suggested: hard-red winter wheat, sugar #11, cotton #2, soymeal, corn, soft-red winter wheat, gold, feeder cattle, lean hogs, soybeans, soybean oil, coffee, and copper



Get Started with Schad Commodity & Cost for Service


Schad Commodity charges a premium for this long running advisory service.  The cost is:

Get all 13 markets to follow or trade, in any combination, completely complimentary for the annual subscription price of:  $0  when purchasing the 1999 original Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL trading plan and course  —  This is not a limited time offer.

Next, you’ll need the same software I use so I’ll send it to you upon receipt of payment for the course and then provide you with my library of signals that you’ve learned from the course for a period of 12 months.  That’s plenty of time  to learn, study, and become comfortable & confident with this timeless methodology of trading.

Maybe you’re too busy and learning the markets just doesn’t suit you’re schedule… If this is the case, you can simply acquire the software from Genesis (about $500) and once you’re set-up, then I’ll send you my personal libraries of trades to input into your new software at a lease rate of $5,000 per year.

Start by contacting:

Genesis Financial Technologies | | Attn: Sean Purewal | (800) 808-3282

You can be up and running with the same signals generating the very same trades as on the prior homepage by the end of the day.

Trade the futures markets with confidence as a completely independent trader.  I’ll show you how.

Please contact Schad Commodity to have the Agricultural Commodity Trading Advisory Newsletter delivered to you each evening via e-mail hereSchad Commodity will follow-up with you on the next business dayContact Schad Commodity now.

THANK YOU for partnering with Schad Commodity.  We look forward to working with you and being part of your successful team.