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Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL



This is it folks! The original material (from 1999).

Have you ever wondered what professional traders do year around with the intent to consistently extract money from the markets? The professional traders that consistently take profits from the markets, confidently and unfailingly, know exactly how to trade commodity futures and control their risk at any given time, on any given day. Now you can too!

This is where the One-on-One Trading Tutor™ Program begins…first, you must understand this material, then I work with you personally.

After more than a year-and-a-half in the making, Schad Commodity’s personal blueprint used to trend follow the trading commodity futures markets is available in a conveniently packaged intermediate-to-advanced home-study workshop. This step-by-step instruction (as written in 1997-1999) includes a 150 page course manual, 120 page accompanying workbook, :45 minute audio cassette (demonstrating how to place orders professionally), and finally, 100 question comprehensive test that completes the entire package.

Here’s my pledge to you:

In Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL, I will reveal the chart patterns ALL markets (in my studies) make which will help guide you in cooperating with the market’s natural rhythms and cycles – I believe with the LOWEST RISK POSSIBLE by demonstrating, once and for all, how to trade options ‘around’ the underlying asset in an effort to maximize profits/minimize short-term loss as the ultimate goal.  I will teach you my personal “trigger-pulling” indicators I have been using all these years, ALL BASED ON THE NEW SESSION OPENING (FIRST) PRINT. Market history has PROVEN (but never guaranteed) these indicators to be a reliable means of initiating/offsetting what can be a profitable market position when moving with the trend! It doesn’t stop there…

After my personal trading plan is revealed, I will teach you step-by-step HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE NEXT DAY’S TRADE IN ADVANCE in order to manage your position confidentially, independently, and professionally. I will bring to your attention the precise markets to focus your energy and concentration on, and explain why NOT to jump from market to market.

Each section of the course manual is followed by a pop-quiz that will reinforce the important topics of that section. After completing both course-manual and workbook, you will be sent the 100-question comprehensive test to gauge your overall retention.

It is said by some that “the best things in life are free,” however, more often you get what you pay for. ALL the free literature brokerage firms have for traders, or television ads soliciting services with free reports, etc., may be useful “tips” in the development of their clients success, but everybody possesses this information relied upon by other sources. My “self-study” workshop, however, provides a blueprint of my step-by-step method for trading the commodity futures and options markets I have relied upon on a day-by-day basis. See for yourself…

The cost of the home-study workshop “Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL” is $10,000. If you already have a successful method of trading the commodity markets, then YOU DON’T NEED MY INSTRUCTION, stick with what you’re doing. If you want to jump-start your trading plan to a professional level immediately (over a few week’s time), then I will teach you step-by-step with the ultimate goal of being a completely independent trader.

View Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL & One-on-One Trading TutorTM Testimonials here.

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Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL – $10,000


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 Caveat: I do *not* teach novice traders “how to trade.”  In my work described here, I teach intermediate-to-advanced traders what it is I do each day in the marketplace.  I teach my method involving commodity futures & options.  If you want to learn how to trade, learn from the trading legend I learned from — Larry Williams — while you still can.  Link here: I REALLY TRADE.


 If you would like to continue further with the One-on-One Trading Tutor™ Program (once the 100-Question comprehensive test is successfully completed), you can expect to work with me each day via phone, Skype, fax and on Saturday mornings (if needed) to get you up to speed with what I’m doing today. My goal will be to get you trading independently as soon as possible and probably won’t take three months, either. During this three month period, I will invite you to visit me in either Idaho’s Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, WY (the gateway to Yellowstone National Park) so we can trade together, side-by-side. Finally, at this point I will share with you my complete Genesis library once you completely know and understand what I’m doing in the market place. How’s that for complete trading independence…?


Brian Schad’s “One-on-One Trading Tutor™” Program – $15,000


View One-on-One Trading TutorTM & Wealth Secrets: CONFIDENTIAL Testimonials here.

ALL market research for my original work courtesy of:

My goal has always been to provide direction for up-and-coming traders to become completely independent and successful in the marketplace. I’ve documented that plan on paper in 1999. Jump-start your trading to the professional level today.

Respectfully,  Brian